The modern Node.js SaaS Boilerplate to build your products faster

Create your SaaS products with the famous MERN stack using the latest technologies: Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Prisma, Serverless. It provides everything you need to launch your application: Authentication, Multi-tenancy, Payment, UI Components, Responsive, Clean Architecture, Testing, Deployment, Scaling, and more.
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Built with Modern MERN stack

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Build Faster

Save Development Time

A complete Node.js boilerplate that you can use to build your SaaS products faster. Focus on your SaaS application and launch your product in days, instead of losing several months by building from scratch.

Secure your application with the most popular authentication methods: Email/Password, Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon.
Multi-tenancy & Teams
Users can create teams and manage them easily. They can collaborate with their team members by sending an invitation.
Subscription Payment
Integrate with Stripe to accept payments from your users. They can also manage their subscription with a customer portal.
Admin Dashboard
Take control of your SaaS app with an admin dashboard. Easily manage your users and teams, ensuring efficient support.
MERN SaaS Boilerplate Auth Multi tenancy
Design Faster

Save Design Work

A large set of pre-built React components that you can use to build your web application. You can customize them easily to match your brand.

A beautiful and customizable dashboard that your users can interact with your SaaS. Only authenticated users can have access.
Landing Page
Use marketing pages to promote your SaaS products and convert visitors into customers. Optimized for Search Engines with SSG.
Multi Themes
Choose between several available themes to match your brand. Or, you can use your own color to create a new one.
Mobile First
A fully responsive template that works across all devices. Your users can use your SaaS app on their mobile, tablet, and desktop.
MERN SaaS Boilerplate Multi Theme Tailwind CSS
Solve faster

Save Code Architecture Work

A full-stack application that follows the best practices of the industry. Start your project with a well-architected and scalable codebase. Don't lose your time configuring and integrating tools together.

Clean Architecture
The codebase follows the SOLID principles for layered and modular architecture. An easy-to-understand and maintainable code.
Deploy the whole application stack on AWS. From the frontend to the backend, and the database.
High-Quality Code
Enforce a high-quality code with JavaScript tooling. The boilerplate includes a pre-configured ESLint, Prettier, Husky and TypeScript.
Unit, Integration & E2E Testing
Fully covered with tests to make sure your application works as expected: 120+ unit tests, 85+ integration tests and 15+ E2E tests.
MERN SaaS Boilerplate Unit testing E2E
Code Faster

Awesome Developer Experience

The template also comes with a great developer experience to make your life easier as a developer and increase your productivity.

Local & Offline
Run the whole application locally without an internet connection. Emulate all the cloud environments on your local machine.
Visual Studio Code
The Starter is ready to work with Visual Studio Code. It provides suggested extensions and settings for VSCode.
Resolve issues quickly in your application with the debugger. Understand what's happening in your code.
Hot Reloading
See your changes in real-time without restarting the server or refreshing the page. Quickly see your changes in your local.
MERN SaaS Boilerplate Code Example Debugging
Manage Faster

Save DevOps Work

The starter kit is configured to deploy directly your application on production. Make your life easier with Serverless infrastructure. You don't need to worry about servers, scaling, and maintenance.

Infrastructure as Code
Manage cloud infrastructure with code instead of a manual process. Track changes and collaborate on Git.
Multi Environment
Preview your changes in a production-like environment before deployment. Identify issues before your users.
100% Serverless (including MongoDB)
Pay only for what you use without any maintenance. Scale your application automatically when your SaaS grows.
Send emails to your users when they sign up, reset their password, or when they invite a team member. Or, add your own templates.
Cron Jobs
Schedule Serverless functions to run at a specific time or periodically. Perfect for running background tasks.
MERN SaaS Boilerplate Infra as Code
Create Faster

Help And Support

We are here to help you start your SaaS app with the MERN Stack. We also provide you with everything you need to succeed with your project.

Highly Customizable
Access to all source code on GitHub without any limitation. You can customize the boilerplate to match your needs.
Code Examples
The template comes with a Todo app to help you understand how it works. Get inspiration to build your own SaaS product.
A complete documentation to help you start, understand, customize and deploy your product.
Email Support
Have a question? Need help or advice? Get a response within 24 hours from the author.
MERN SaaS Boilerplate Code Example CRUD
Modern MERN mission

Why Use Modern MERN?

I'm Remi, the author of numerous boilerplate projects to help developers quickly starts Next.js projects. One of these templates has received over 7k stars on GitHub. However, when it comes to a SaaS product, it needs more than that. That's why Modern MERN is born.

Starting a new project is always a challenge. If you choose to build everything from scratch, you need to make a ton of decisions. After choosing the right stack, you also need to configure tools and spend time integrating them together. It takes a lot of time and effort.

It's especially true if you want to build a SaaS product. First thing comes to your mind is to implement a lot of features like authentication, multi-tenancy, subscription, and more. Then, you need to build a beautiful and responsive UI to convert visitors into customers. Along with that, you need to make sure that your code is well-architected and scalable. Finally, you shouldn't forget about testing and deployment.

I lost a lot of time by building from scratch, it took me 5 months to launch my first SaaS. Unfortunately, this isn't enough because the first version was missing many features. After that, it took me another 1 year to add all the necessary features.

This is how I come up with Modern MERN, which is the result of my experience in building SaaS products. It was an opportunity for me to integrate all my learning to create a SaaS boilerplate.

With Modern MERN, you don't need to reinvent the wheel, it'll help you reduce the development time by 80% and reduce development costs. So, you can focus on features that matter to your customers and quickly generate your 1st revenue.

Check out my blog if you want to learn more about me.


Simple pricing to launch your SaaS products

Best for One Project
  • Full source code
  • Authentication
  • Subscription Payment
  • Team & Multi-tenancy
  • Dashboard UI
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Landing Page
  • Serverless REST API
  • Testing
  • Infrastructure as code
  • To-do App as Code Examples
  • Documentation
  • 1 year of updates
  • Email Support
Buy now
For Unlimited Projects
(limited to your own projects or entity)
  • Full source code
  • Authentication
  • Subscription Payment
  • Team & Multi-tenancy
  • Dashboard UI
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Landing Page
  • Serverless REST API
  • Testing
  • Infrastructure as code
  • To-do App as Code Examples
  • Documentation
  • 1 year of updates
  • Priority Email Support
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Building a native mobile app for iOS and Android? Start your project with React Native Boilerplate, which comes with Modern MERN.

You have Questions?

Do I get access to the full source code?

After your purchase, you'll receive an invitation to join the private GitHub repositories: Frontend, Backend, and Infrastructure as Code. You'll have access to the full source code, and you can customize it to match your needs. It also includes a documentation and a Todo application for code examples.

What is included in the documentation?

The documentation includes everything you need to start on your local machine in 10 minutes. You'll find all the information you need about the code architecture, the project structure, the tools, and the deployment on AWS. A guide is also available to help you customize the boilerplate.

Do you offer any discount?

As an indie maker, I believe my product should always be sold at the right price. I want to make sure that the price is fair for everyone who purchases and supports Modern MERN, there isn't any discount available and everybody should pay the same price. Even in the future, you won't find any discount.

How many projects can I use Modern MERN for?

One license is for one project. You can use it for your personal or commercial project. You need to purchase another license if you want to use it for another project. Or, you can choose the unlimited license available if you want to use it for multiple projects for a fixed price.

Can I use Modern MERN in commercial projects?

Of course, you can. It's the goal of Modern MERN to help you generate your 1st revenue with your SaaS product. You can use it for your personal or commercial projects. If you want, you can also use it in internal projects for your company.

Can I use Modern MERN for my client projects?

You can purchase a license for your clients and use it for your client projects. For your information, you can't use the same license for all your clients. The unlimited project license is tied to one entity or company.

Is the license transferable?

Yes, the license is transferable. You can transfer it to another person or another company without any issue.

How long can I use Modern MERN?

You aren't limited in time. You can use it for as long as you want.

Can I get updates?

All licenses include free updates for 1 year. You'll be able to update your project to the latest version of Modern MERN. After 1 year, you can extend for another year at $199 for a single license or $599 for the unlimited project license.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the software being non-returnable, I don't offer any refund. Before making a purchase, you can contact me for questions and I'll be happy to answer them. You can also preview a live demo of the boilerplate to see if it matches your needs.

Can I get an invoice?

Upon request, an invoice will be provided after the completion of your purchase.

How can I contact you before making a purchase?

You can contact me by email at and I guarantee a response within 24 hours. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have. I can also send you more information, details, screenshots, videos, and code examples. So, you'll have a better idea of the code quality. You can also test the support response time by sending me an email and see how fast I'll answer you.

Still have questions? Send us an email at
Start your SaaS faster with Modern MERN
A Node.js SaaS boilerplate to quickly earn your 1st MRR.
Modern MERN
Modern MERN is a Node.js SaaS Boilerplate to launch your SaaS faster, reduce development costs and help you earn your 1st revenue.
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